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Welcome to the BioPhoton LS 5.0 Results Page.

Thank you for posting your before and after results from using the BioPhoton LS 5.0 modality. This will greatly help others when deciding to also use this healing modality for their own benefit and for that of others.

Blessings on your journey to optimum health!

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  1. Paul Abernathy says:

    Most people have no idea what Biophotone are, let alone
    What they do( perform a function) and why.
    This is a debative subject, with increasing understanding
    In the research fields from studies and tests yielded
    Suggestive explanations on B.P. and how they interact, affect
    And change/ alter with human bio fields.
    Much research and observations contributed in identifying
    And defining what B.P. are and some of their behaviors in
    -purpose, functionality, movements and communication.
    With multi- billion grants and personal input from
    Enthusastic collobarators whom find researching B.P. a interesting challenge to find answers pertaining to B.P.
    although research data points are not definitive in several
    Aspects in B.P., yet it’s acceptable as sufficient explanations, by which have been already published and
    Established as theoretically a answer, but not as evidence.
    Now heres the news, after familiarizing myself With B.P. articles,Researcher(s), org, clinical studies, presentations,
    Video testimonials and other affiliates associated with
    B.P. topics, I reached a point that there is undocumented
    And potentially no further clear explanation from the professional research groups on areas on B.P.
    I’m claiming that B.P. has some functionality and purpose
    That has not been presented or suggested.
    If your not familiar with V.G.P. voluntary generated piloerection a term used to describe persons whom have a
    Unusal ability that allows them to consciously access their
    Own nervous system, as a result of this access, the can
    Achieve at Will cause goosebumps on command.
    Less than 50 people in human history have been identified and
    Documented in a study that was published at (peerj)
    In july 2018. The explanation for this was the conscious
    Control of involuntary somatic muscles which causes the
    V.G.P. and is the established acceptable reason.
    I claim I disagree with that explanation for V.G.P.
    And expressing a different theory which Biophotons play
    Multifunctional roles and as the only person who claims
    This is because I can perform this ability V.G.P.
    I am highly advanced in self discovery and demonstrating
    It physically,on how it works, where it originates
    the physiological routes or pathways, describing what and how
    C.N.D.is. (controlled neurochemical difussion.) which is
    The primary action to the secondary action V.G.P.
    When these signals are activated they travel to site to site as bio communication between cells emitting heat as they
    Move along throughout the body as emissions in General of
    To specific target body areas.
    I have not been clinically verified by my claims, yet being
    The only person capable on this with a highly presentable
    Level of understanding by 1st person accounts
    With visual observations of V.G.P induced goosebumps
    As substantially worthy evidence. The connection
    Of covalent bonding between V.G.P.and B.P. Within
    The body has not been clinically determined to be a
    Factor, yet.
    I can induce V.G.P in less than 3 seconds, I can cause
    chills, sensations, flushes or episodes 40x times in
    1 minute. Control the intensity and direction towards specified parts of the body( left/right or front/back), start and hold V.G.P. sensations.
    I can control bio energy and move them consciously for
    A broad range of applications.
    When i 1st discovered this and learning how to control
    It almost killed me, because I didn’t know what i was doing
    And at 1st I noticed that adrenaline was getting used A lot
    To perform V.G.P. as I did this Alot fast, i would use
    Up adrenaline reserves and go into a mild hypoglycemic shock
    And nearly went unconscious after attempting to to many
    Flushes in a short period of time, less than 3 minutes from
    Start to potential fallout.
    There is no manual or guideline that describes what I can
    Do, I am self taught.
    I believe that Biophotons are present with in the
    Human body and have a mulitude of roles that not only I claim
    But can show as proof by demonstration of V.G.P and C.N.D.
    To be observed by anyone whom is interested.
    I am exceptionally willing to be studied for
    Confirmation in my claims.
    Other than that, I hope I can be a contributor
    On biophotons.

    • admin says:

      Hello Paul,
      Just saw this after weeding through all the spam/drug companies, etc.. Sorry about that and thank you for your contribution here. Really means a lot to me and those who want a better understanding of how such a healing modality as the BioPhoton can do what it is doing with so many around the world.

  2. Maria Gonzalez says:

    My daughter used the medicine on her cat due to an infection in her urinary tract she can’t pee at all so it was using the machine or taking her to a veterinarian so the results after using the machine in less than half an hour she was peeing we even have a video we posted on the support page.

  3. admin says:

    Unfortunately due to local and International laws and limitations of claims we are unable to advertise images of its use and how it is used because of the controversial topic that electromagnetic, pulse, frequency technologies such as this are limited to. Sorry! I can put you in touch with other researchers using this modality successfully if you like? You can also see a few videos showing it being used here http://BioPhotonLight.com/support

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